Sleeping Well

New Year, New Goals

With the New Year, everyone has been focusing hard on those New Year’s Resolutions!  How are you doing on yours?!  I hope it’s going great for you!  I wanted to take a little time today and talk to you about a super important topic that I believe should absolutely be a goal for everyone this year.  Getting more sleep.

Get More Sleep

Life is busy and a lot of times we just grab that extra cup of coffee and yawn throughout our day.  Sleep isn’t really one of those things we think of as a goal.  Parents stay up late after the kids go to bed just to have some quiet time, or you get excited to catch up on your favorite show and binge watch it on TV until the next thing you know it’s 1 am and you’ve got work in the morning.  We’ve all been there, but what is this doing to our bodies? 

Sleep is Important

Sleep is a vital part of our health.  It’s how our body heals, resets, and gets ready for the next day!  Great sleep can reduce the risk of heart problems, stroke, depression and so much more.  Plus, who really wants to be cranky every day?


How much sleep did you get last Sunday? That super important last weekend day before your busy week began, did you get 8 hours, 6, or even less?  I would like to challenge you to do one simple thing this month!  Start tracking your sleep.  Write down what time you go to bed, and when you wake up, jot that down and see how many hours you’re sleeping, or if you have a tracker, make sure you pay attention to the sleep section. If you see you’re not getting a full nights sleep set some goals for grabbing that extra hour or two you’re missing. 

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