Sleeping Well

Sleep Environment

Your sleeping environment can be a huge key to your successful night’s sleep.  If you’re uncomfortable in your space for any reason, or it just isn’t relaxing enough it may actually be key to that poor sleep.


What you see is a large part of creating your ideal sleeping environment.  Is there too much light? Do you have electronics that immite blue light? This can interfere with your body’s natural melatonin production.  Having your room dark is absolutely best for sleeping.  Having a peaceful room with simple flat paints in colors that are relaxing such as blues and greens can also get your body ready to sleep.  If you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom try not to turn on any lights as this will start your brain’s wake up process. It will be harder to fall asleep when you get back to bed. Installing a few nightlights around your home can make this easier.  


Sound is the next part of creating the ideal sleeping space.  During sleep your mind is still processing sounds.  If you are sleeping in a silent room it can actually be just as hard to sleep as a loud room.  You want to make sure you’ve blocked unimportant background noices. Ear plugs can be a simple solution, but you need to make sure they are comfortable and don’t block so much sound so that you can hear sounds such a smoke alarms, a noise reduction rating of 32 decibels is usually perfect.  You can also look into a sound machine that will drown out some of the noise and also be soothing. 


Your bedding is a very big part of your sleeping environment!  Investing in a great quality bed set that feels amazing and fits your bed well will save you a lot of tossing and turning.  Your pillow is also worth the investment to make sure you’re the most comforatble for the way you sleep.


 What does smell have to do with sleeping?  Tons!  Smell is a very sensitive sense.  Using an air purifier, armoatherapy, open windows, or a humidifier/de-humidifier can impact your sleep quality in great ways.

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