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Sweet Sleep Studio
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by T. Alonzo on Sweet Sleep Studio

I was referred to Dr. Bhat by my primary care doctor.

Dr. Bhat has been great to work with.

He has taken the time to ask both me and my wife questions regarding sleep habits ultimately resulting in my sleep apnea, arranging my home sleep study, determining my need for further diagnosis that required a facility overnight stay. We met again to to discuss test results and determine options going forward. Dr. Bhat is always very thorough and patient with any questions I have. It's been a month now since using my sleep machine and Dr. Bhat and I have met to discuss how everything is going.

My wife and I want to Thank Dr. Bhat for his assistance and improving my quality of sleep.

I'm no longer snoring my wife into another room or knocking pictures off the wall.

by Michael on Sweet Sleep Studio

Great experience! I was able to take the sleep test at home which is very convenient. Within days I was discussing treatment for my severe sleep apnea. I've been using the CPAP machine for about a month now and have been sleeping great. I wish I thought to see someone about this years ago! It would have been better for me. Thank you Dr. Bhat!

by Jo Dorr on Sweet Sleep Studio

I was referred to Dr. Bhat by my neurologist after a psychologist evaluation. Dr. Bhat is a very compassionate doctor who explains all test results and gave me a book called "Good Night, Insomnia" which has been extremely helpful. However, the most help I received was directly from Dr. Bhat. He explained that we all sleep differently and 8 hours of sleep is not the norm for most people. He also suggested a night-time routine which really helps unwind my mind from my busy days. I have been learning to go to sleep faster and sleep longer than I ever have before! Plus, when I do wake up in the night, I can more easily put myself back to sleep. I do not use sleep-aid medication anymore and I feel so much better during the daytime now. Dr. Bhat listens to your whole story and advises his patients as to what is best for them. I would recommend Dr. Bhat to anyone who has trouble sleeping for any reason(s), he truly helped me!

by Holly on Sweet Sleep Studio

I have had sleep apnea for almost 10 years and Dr. Baht is by far the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctor i have ever visited. He's incredibly patient and takes the time to explain things and understands the costs of thing and will work with you to support your needs. I highly recommend him and his office if you're seeking help!

by Jennifer on Sweet Sleep Studio

Don't let your crummy high deductible insurance or lack of insurance keep you from being evaluated. Dr. Bhat can set you up with a very affordable in-home sleep study that costs thousands (yes, thousands!) less than a sleep lab or in-hospital test. Dr. Bhat is very knowledgeable and thorough. I cannot thank him enough for all the help he has provided to me to diagnose and treat my sleep apnea. Make an appointment. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

by Tracy Brewer on Sweet Sleep Studio

Quick and Easy!

Dr. Bhat's attention to detail and quick turnaround makes taking a home sleep study easy. He provides options to help you get the sleep you need for good health and well being. He thoroughly explained sleep apnea and how it could be causing my issues, I had my diagnosis and CPAP all within two weeks. His follow-up and response is second to none. I already have more energy and a happier disposition on life. I recommend anyone to speak to him about sleep, especially women who are not typically the stereotype identified for sleep apnea.

by Roy Flaherty on Sweet Sleep Studio

Dr. Bhat is a professional physician with the ability to communicate a real empathy for patients. He is accessible and communicates with patients in a very personal level. I highly recommend his services.

by Tom K on Sweet Sleep Studio

When I first came to see Dr. Bhat I was waking up 25 times per night and was constantly tired during the day and would doze off all the time. Sometimes right in the middle of a conversation. Now I wake up only five times a night which is normal and I’m not tired during the day.

by Molly on Sweet Sleep Studio

Game changer!

Dr. Bhat explained and explored symptons and the process.

But his care and expertise assured me of his ongoing concern for his patient and her health. Second to none!

by PJ Reardon on Sweet Sleep Studio

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in September of 2019 by Dr. Bhat. I have 4 brothers and all have sleep apnea so once I accepted I needed treatment Dr. Bhat has provided wonderful care to me.

I started in mid October with my CPAP machine and once I got used to having it on my sleep has improved dramatically. I used to think I was a "light sleeper" and would get up multiple times at night. That has all changed and I now sleep very soundly on most nights. I do not feel drowsy and need to nap anymore, it truly has been a game changer for me. Well rested and ready to tackle each day with renewed energy is how I feel and I love it.

Dr. Bhat's compassionate care has changed my life.

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