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Sweet Sleep Studio
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by Tom K on Sweet Sleep Studio

When I first came to see Dr. Bhat I was waking up 25 times per night and was constantly tired during the day and would doze off all the time. Sometimes right in the middle of a conversation. Now I wake up only five times a night which is normal and I’m not tired during the day.

by Molly on Sweet Sleep Studio

Game changer!

Dr. Bhat explained and explored symptons and the process.

But his care and expertise assured me of his ongoing concern for his patient and her health. Second to none!

by PJ Reardon on Sweet Sleep Studio

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in September of 2019 by Dr. Bhat. I have 4 brothers and all have sleep apnea so once I accepted I needed treatment Dr. Bhat has provided wonderful care to me.

I started in mid October with my CPAP machine and once I got used to having it on my sleep has improved dramatically. I used to think I was a "light sleeper" and would get up multiple times at night. That has all changed and I now sleep very soundly on most nights. I do not feel drowsy and need to nap anymore, it truly has been a game changer for me. Well rested and ready to tackle each day with renewed energy is how I feel and I love it.

Dr. Bhat's compassionate care has changed my life.

by Monica A. on Sweet Sleep Studio

I want to say how happy I am that a co-worker referred me to see Dr Bhat. I had resisted so many years as to what was causing me to unexpectedly choke and gasp for air in my sleep. I foolishly thought I could handle it but as I got older, my problem persisted to the point I had to seek help. So I had my consultation with Dr Bhat and soon after my sleep test with results. That’s when I heard the diagnosis “sleep apnea”. He broke down in simple terms how this was affecting me to a tee. So Dr. Bhat gave me several options and together we came up with the best solution for me. Now, with my best-friend, the C-Pap machine I can sleep again. I feel better mentally. I don’t experience that ‘exhausted feeling’ after waking up. I am a true testament that the machine works as Dr Bhat said it would. I have regained quality of life and am forever grateful to him! Thank you!

by Donna on Sweet Sleep Studio

My dentist referred me to Dr. Bhat, and I am so glad I took the necessary steps to be evaluated. He took the time to listen to my concerns and to hear my frustration of not sleeping well. These symptoms had gone on for many years, but I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw Dr. Bhat. He is a great listener and explained, in layman's terms, what was going on with my sleeping pattern. He appreciate being able to do the sleep study in my own bed versus going to a lab. If anyone has issues with sleeping, I refer them to Dr. Bhat! His follow-up is incredible, and he wants his patients to feel better, experience quality sleeping and genuinely cares.

by Carolyn M. on Sweet Sleep Studio

have struggled my whole life trying to get a good night’s sleep. Nothing I did worked. It’s affected my life in so many negative ways. Until I found Dr. Bhat. Now I am sleeping like never before. I didn’t even know what a real good night’s sleep was. Thank you Dr. Bhat. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Your a godsend.

by Randa G. on Sweet Sleep Studio

I have “resisted” having a sleep study for many years. The thing that made it easy this time was that I could take the sleep study at home without having to go into a lab for testing. Then Dr. Bhat easily persuaded me with the information that in fact I did have sleep apnea and should either have a CPAP machine or a mouthpiece and how important it was to my health. He also was great in sending in paperwork to the medical equipment office so that they knew exactly what I needed, and followed up personally several times to ensure everything was going ok. I will recommend Dr. Bhat to anyone that needs a good doctor for better sleep. Thank you Dr. Bhat!

by Julie V. on Sweet Sleep Studio

I am so glad that I was referred to Sweet Sleep Studio and Dr. Bhat! He really took the time to listen to my history and issues with sleep and shared some very helpful insights and recommendations for how I could make further improvements. I also appreciated that through Sweet Sleep Studio I was able to take a home sleep apnea test as opposed to visiting a sleep lab. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bhat to anyone who has concerns with their sleep!

by Heather A on Sweet Sleep Studio

Dr. Bhat was exceptionally compassionate, professional and demonstrated significant competence during my first visit. We had a great conversation about my goals, concerns, and needs due to financial limitations. I cannot recommend Dr. Bhat more highly and will recommend him to patients in the future!

by Happy Patient on Sweet Sleep Studio

Dr Bhat Was Very Nice!!

Dr Bhat was very nice!! He was so thorough and attentive to my medical history and concerns. He took his time with educating me and inquiring about daily habits to narrow down the diagnosis. I wish more doctors had as good of a bedside manner as Dr Bhat!

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