I was referred to Dr. Bhat by my neurologist after a psychologist evaluation. Dr. Bhat is a very compassionate doctor who explains all test results and gave me a book called “Good Night, Insomnia” which has been extremely helpful. However, the most help I received was directly from Dr. Bhat. He explained that we all sleep differently and 8 hours of sleep is not the norm for most people. He also suggested a night-time routine which really helps unwind my mind from my busy days. I have been learning to go to sleep faster and sleep longer than I ever have before! Plus, when I do wake up in the night, I can more easily put myself back to sleep. I do not use sleep-aid medication anymore and I feel so much better during the daytime now. Dr. Bhat listens to your whole story and advises his patients as to what is best for them. I would recommend Dr. Bhat to anyone who has trouble sleeping for any reason(s), he truly helped me!