Dr. Bhat is a top notch sleep specialist. He responds quickly and efficiently to my communication requests. In addition to appreciating his knowledge and competence I feel cared for and that I have been heard. Dr. Bhat listens patiently and with curiosity. He has explained my sleep apnea and treatment options in a way that […]

Jo Dorr

I was referred to Dr. Bhat by my neurologist after a psychologist evaluation. Dr. Bhat is a very compassionate doctor who explains all test results and gave me a book called “Good Night, Insomnia” which has been extremely helpful. However, the most help I received was directly from Dr. Bhat. He explained that we all […]


Don’t let your crummy high deductible insurance or lack of insurance keep you from being evaluated. Dr. Bhat can set you up with a very affordable in-home sleep study that costs thousands (yes, thousands!) less than a sleep lab or in-hospital test. Dr. Bhat is very knowledgeable and thorough. I cannot thank him enough for […]