Sleeping Well

What is Jet Lag?

Jet Lag is a very common temporary sleep disorder.  Most people have experienced this disorder while traveling.  It’s not only for those flying long distances but for driving and any sort of travel that takes you from your usual time zone.  

What causes Jet Lag?

Circadian Rhythms are the key to jet lag. Our exposure to sunlight helps to determine our sleeping patterns.  Jet lag comes from your body’s natural biological “clock” becoming thrown off from the time zone changes.  Your body has a natural “clock” where it is used to the sun going down, then bedtime.  But when you change time zones your body is used to the sun being down at a different time and you can experience jet lag. 

What can you do about Jet Lag? 

Try to arrive at your destination in the early evening and stay up until 10:00 PM.  Make sure you start working on local time by setting your watch to the local time when you begin your trip.  Start getting ready by getting up and going to bed earlier to an eastward trip,  later for a westward trip several days prior to your trip. Don’t reach for that coffee or alcohol before bed!  Avoid those stimulants for at least 3 hours before bed.  Skip heavy meals when you arrive and try to get outside in the sun when you wake up the next day.  Being outside in the sunshine will help your body’s natural “clock” adjust faster. 

Have you ever experienced jet lag? 

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