Fitness for Better Sleep Sleeping Well

Is there a relationship between outdoor exercise and sleep? It’s a question many sleep science experts have studied for quite some time. Put simply, outdoor exercise influences sleep in more ways than you’d imagine; because most working adults sit behind their workplace desk for an average of 40 to 50 hours every week – even during these work-from-home times – their lives become inactive, despite the fact that the human body somewhat demands a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.

Inadequate physical activity demotes your health and leaves you vulnerable to sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and many other sleep disorders – but regular exercise, on the other hand, promotes sleep efficiency and increased sleep duration.

The following are ways fresh air and exercise can help you sleep better and reduce anxiety and depression:


It’s the Best Way to Take in Fresh Air

If you live and work in a major city, then you are confined to small spaces for the larger part of the day. A tiny cubicle at the office, a tiny car, small spaces in public transit and a cluttered apartment back home…these are all recipes for not being able to enjoy fresh air, unless you set aside a few moments for outdoor physical exercises. Even if you have been working from home since the pandemic, it is critical that you get some fresh air for your immune system, heart rate and blood pressure.

Also note that outdoor exercises reduce the risk for obesity and breathing problems, all of which accumulates to create a complete recipe for a good night’s sleep.


Being Outside Brings Feelings of Happiness

Even without having to exercise, time spent outside is, by itself, packed with joyous moments – and that is why people who spend at least an hour outdoors boast higher levels of positive emotions. Because increased happy emotions cancel out negative thoughts, you are able to sleep well at night.


Exercising Clears Your Lungs

Inhaling fresh air while you exercise can help you learn how to regulate your breathing, enabling your lungs’ airways to dilate maximally and thus cleaning your lungs more effectively. And, because we breathe in an excessive amount of airborne toxins all day, the increased lung cleansing action becomes very important for better sleep at night.


Natural Elements are Food for the Mind

Being surrounded by nature increases your energy and enhances your body, mind and soul because the greenery, lush and beautiful landscapes and good-looking people you see walking around outside make your mind sharper and more alert. It replaces negative thoughts with positive ones; engaging in social interactions within natural outdoor settings, consequently, make your life better and more fulfilling.

If falling asleep has been impossible for you for some time now, don’t rush to make ill-advised decisions. Start by doing some simple exercises throughout the day and see if you experience the quality sleep you once did, before turning to over-the-counter remedies like sleeping pills for insomnia.

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