Excessive Sleepiness Sleep Disorders

What is it?  Excessive sleepiness is feeling very tired or drowsy during the day. It is often confused with fatigue, but they are different struggles. 

Excessive Sleepiness vs Fatigue 

Fatigue is dealing with low energy. You can be physically, mentally, or emotionally fatigued.  This is usually a result of either a medical condition or overusing your body or mind.      Excessive Sleepiness makes you feel so tired that it ends up interfering with your daily life. Excessive sleepiness is often a sign you may have a sleep disorder that is keeping you from getting the sleep you need to function. 


Since excessive sleepiness is not actually a condition, but a symptom, the best way to treat it is by determining the cause.  If being excessively sleepy is keeping you from daily tasks and affecting your work, relationship, or what you need to get done, call to schedule your visit with Dr. Bhat (913) 221-6059.

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