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Here at Sweet Sleep Studio, we take the science of Sleep very seriously, and our physicians such as Abid Bhat MD, MBA are always looking for new ways to help our patients. Case in point: As of late, we have been placing an enhanced emphasis on sleep disorder problems, as these have been well-documented to be major disruptors of everyday life. Whether you have trouble sleeping or you’re living with a specific disorder, we’re here to tell you that you can achieve quality sleep and learn to better manage your condition.

How do you know you if you have a sleep-oriented disorder that needs to be examined? The truth is, we all have difficulty sleeping from time to time, but if your lack of shut-eye is an ongoing issue, it may mean that you have a sleep disorder.

Pay attention to the following warning signs of sleep disorder, as they could indicate you’re struggling with such a disorder; if you find yourself experiencing one or several of these on a regular basis, you should contact a representative of Sweet Sleep Studio at your earliest convenience.

1. Even When You Get Enough Sleep, You’re Almost Always Tired

The primary element of this sign is when you sleep for the recommended eight hours or more, but still feel groggy and exhausted most of the time. If you’re still sleepy after a full night on that “premium” mattress, chances are something is happening to prevent your body and brain from entering those deep, restorative sleep patterns.

2. You’ve Been Told That You Stop Breathing While Sleeping

Has your spouse or significant other routinely complained about your snoring…explaining that it gets so loud he or she needs to leave the room? Conditions such as sleep apnea are really no joke; it’s a sign that you actually stop breathing at night. A lot of our patients come to us thinking snoring is harmless, but it is usually a warning sign that can potentially be life-threatening.

3. You’re a “Daytime Dozer”

No, this isn’t the follow-up song to the Monkees’ smash hit “Daydream Believer” – if you find yourself nodding off during the day and have an incessant urge to put your head down and sleep at the office, it’s time to consider whether you’re actually getting enough sleep…and if you might have a sleep disorder.

4. You Can’t Seem to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Regular Basis (or You Have Trouble Falling Asleep)

We have patients who have had trouble falling sleep – or staying asleep – for at least a month, if you can believe that. And while it may seem obvious, people suffering from insomnia often don’t seek help from their doctor – they either assume they’re born to suffer like this, or that the problem will disappear on its own. If a sleep problem evolves to become chronic, you should make an appointment with us here at Sweet Sleep Studio to get this checked out.

5. Another Medical Condition is Keeping You Awake or Robbing Your Energy

This one gets a little more complicated, as people dealing with other health issues such as depression, chronic pain or illness have a harder time sleeping peacefully. What’s more, some conditions, such as restless leg syndrome, exhibit their worst symptoms at night.

Because these problems can perpetuate each other, it is important not to take your sleep difficulties for granted and talk to a doctor. If you feel you need medical assistance with these issues, contact Sweet Sleep Studio at 913-309-5963


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