Parasomnia Sleep Disorders


Do you have any abnormal things happening while you’re asleep such as sleepwalking, sleep terrors, sleep eating disorders, sleep paralysis, nightmares, bedwetting, or sleep talking?  The crazy part of having a parasomnia is that you may actually not even know these things are happening. These episodes can be mild and cause little problems or they can become dangerous such as REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.  REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is when you act out your dreams dramatically by kicking, punching, flailing etc and can lead to harm to yourself or your partner.  Sleepwalking can also become dangerous.  If you suspect that you or your partner are suffering from a parasomnia you should consult a medical professional right away. 

Do you have Parasomnia?

If you are struggling to stay asleep all night or feel that you are tired the next day and cannot find a reason talking to your doctor and setting up a sleep study is the best way to find the answers to your questions.  You should also consult a specialist if you are experiencing unexplained injuries that appear in the morning as this can be a sign of REM Sleep behavior disorder, sleepwalking or a sleep eating disorder that causes you to binge eat and can also sometimes lead to the ingestion of harmful substances or even burning yourself by trying to cook while mostly asleep.  

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