Sleeping Well

Connecting Sleep to Anxiety

When we sleep our brains clear out the clutter.  It gets rid of the chaos of the day and gets our brains ready for the next day.  When your sleep is disrupted and you’re waking often in the right it can cause your thoughts to become stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts.  This leads to an increase of feeling anxious. 

Connecting Anxiety to Sleep

Anxiety is a terrible feeling to battle.  When you are feeling anxious it can cause you to have a difficult time sleeping.   As you’re struggling with sleep, the lack of sleep will then lead to feeling more anxious.  

Stop the Cycle 

If you do not have any medical situations keeping you from sleep you can do some simple things to help you get more sleep.  Try getting rid of those electronics.  Stop staring at your phone about an hour before bed.  Establish your sleeping schedule and keep with it through the weekend too.  Try to get 20 minutes of exercise to get your body ready for sleep!  Yoga is a great exercise to help you relax before bed. 

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