Sleeping Well
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Effects of Missing Sleep

When you miss out on a good night’s sleep there are some serious effects on you that could be affecting your relationship! 

  • Sleep deprivation causes physical appearance changes and can result in you looking less healthy and even less attractive to your partner. 
  • Your sense of humor goes right out the window.
  • Sleep directly affects how you’re feeling.  You will feel more distant, less secure, and have less positive input into your relationship.
  • Arguments are more common and full of negativity when one of you is lacking on sleep. 
  • You’re more impulsive and more likely to make rash decisions when tired. 
  • Your physical performance can be severely affected by poor sleep. 

All of these can be taking a toll on your relationship!  If you are suddenly feeling annoyed with your partner, have a low sex drive, and feel yourself snapping a lot take a look at how much sleep you are getting.  If your partner seems disinterested or has been snapping more lately try encouraging an early night of relaxing and an early bedtime to make sure you are both getting at least 7 hours of sleep, 8 being more ideal.  

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