Having a Healthy Holiday

Holidays are full of time with family and tons of food.  With Easter comes a lot of candy and sweets.  Easter baskets, egg hunts, treats from grandma, all of these are full of sugar.  What can you do to keep the sugar craze out of the house?  Try these healthy treats you and your kids will still love and keep the sugar rushes away! 

Try These!

  • Almond butter and fruit is a healthy and super tasty treat full of fiber and protein.  
  • Chocolate dipped fruits can help get that chocoholic their sweet treat and get some healthy fruit in as well.  
  • Hardboiled eggs are a perfect and fun treat for anyone on Easter and can be very fun to decorate. 
  •  Homemade peanut butter eggs! Store-bought candies are full of more sugar than anything else but you can create your own with much healthier ingredients.  Check out this recipe
  • Non-food items like bubbles, chalk, coloring books, new markers, stickers, books, jump ropes, bubble bath, bath bombs, new toothbrush with their favorite characters, or a new movie

What are you going to fill your Easter Baskets with this year? 

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