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Right now, the world is a very uncertain place, what with the threat of the ongoing coronavirus possibly rearing its ugly head for another possible outbreak. In the midst of this is what’s shaping up to be a violent start to the summer, with unrest and civil disobedience seemingly breaking out across the globe for a number of reasons. If there ever was a time we needed some prime advice regarding how to decompress and relax, it’s now – and that includes our ever-important sleep habits.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the importance of getting a good night’s rest to boost immunity, specifically in an attempt to avoid contracting this widespread virus. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What does sleep have to do with boosting the immune system against this pandemic?” – and on the surface, it’s a good question. What it comes down to is analyzing tossing and turning patterns, and whether this is a result of worrying about coronavirus.

According to the research we’ve garnered, a pattern of restful sleep is vital for our immune system to function properly, but there isn’t an ideal way to measure when or how the immune system is functioning optimally. What’s more, there aren’t any specific actions or supplements that can be taken to boost the immune system to the point it wards off COVID 19 (or other infectious diseases). You see, when the immune system attacks the body in autoimmune diseases, it results in inflammatory responses that can be somewhat detrimental – which is what many medical professionals have been seeing in some of the virus patients exhibiting respiratory failure.

There are some studies which suggest that even one good night’s sleep can help activate immune responses to defend against specific pathogens; these studies, by and large, are referring to the body’s secondary line of defense, which doctors have labeled the “adaptive immune system”…and these are designed to attack particular pathogens such as the common cold, flu or coronavirus. Conversely, there are some medical professionals who feel that these studies on sleep and the immune response are simply not consistent enough to be labeled “definitive science.”

So where does that leave us? From what our experts have gathered, the real concern is long-term sleep deprivation, and this particularly comes into play given the way shelter-in-place orders and fear of coronavirus are uprooting schools, jobs and family life. Whether you are trying to reverse chronic health issues with additional sleep or looking for advice on fighting insomnia in this turbulent age, sleep hygiene is paramount.

Some suggestions that we can make in this area include:

  • Rising Each Day at the Same Time Even if you find yourself going to bed later than usual, try to keep to this; it’s especially important now when normal schedules are upended.
  • Sunlight Exposure Did you know that exposure to morning light, even in cloudy conditions, resets the clock in our brains? It’s true. As such, try to take a walk or at least sit outside for a bit, because the circadian rhythm and sleep-wake schedule can possibly be delayed.
  • Limit Caffeine From 2 pm Onward
  • Exercise in Late Afternoon or Evening
  • Use Night Mode on Smart Phones and Tablets After Dark
  • Go to Bed When You’re Ready to Sleep

At Sweet Sleep Studio, we believe in integrating Western medicine with mind-body therapies. Contact us for more information about snoring disorders, deep sleep methods or being better rested in the age of this pandemic via our website, located at, or by calling (913) 309-5963.